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Welcome aboard! NUS-HCI Lab adds a talented research intern

NUS-HCI Lab is thrilled to announce the addition of a talented research intern, XIANG Yan, to the team!

I’m XIANG Yan, currently a Master’s student mainly focusing on Human-computer Interaction (HCI) research in the School of Design at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

I’ve developed a deep interest in the area of HCI and my past research experiences confirmed my interest, especially in multi-modal interaction, affective brain-computer interface, human-robot interaction, biofeedback in cognitive neuroscience, and emotion AI.

I am passionate about exploring how people interact with the world in a multimodal and natural way, with rich perceptions and emotions. And as a result, how we can enable people to have more unique and wonderful experiences in the way they interact with the world. This is the direction I am passionate about, something I think is meaningful, and something I will stick to.

I hope to work on this idea on the way to pursuing further study and feel more confident than ever to make it happen. Looking forward to creating cool stuff and working with the people at NUS-HCI Lab!

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