Peripheral Microinteraction For Wearable Computing

2014.04 | CHI EA 2014

Computers are ubiquitous and the trend of wearable devices is continuously increasing. Nowadays these small devices are permanently supplying the user with many pieces of information. Accessing and responding to this information without involving the user’s full attention is the goal of peripheral interaction, hence allowing the user to execute her main task with minimum interruption. In this paper, we introduce the concept of peripheral microinteraction, and highlight and illustrate properties allowing users to seamlessly interact with their devices with a minimal visual, cognitive, and physical cost in mobility context. We also present interaction concepts showing the feasibility of peripheral microinteraction.


Peripheral interaction; microinteraction; eyes-free interaction; wearable computing; input interfaces


Workshop on Peripheral Interaction: Shaping the Research and Design Space at CHI 2014

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Denys Matthies, Simon T. Perrault, Eric Lecolinet, and Shengdong Zhao