A Collaborative System of Mobile Devices Forclassroom Music Education

2010.10 | MM 2010


We introduce MOGCLASS: a system of networked mobile devices to amplify and extend children’s capabilities to perceive, perform and produce music collaboratively in classroom context. MOGCLASS includes various features for students to enhance their motivation, interest, and collaboration in music class. It provides a wide-ranging palette of easy-to-use musical instruments for students to choose from, and supports both collaborative silent practice with headphones, and collaborative performance with loudspeakers. To facilitate classroom management, the teacher’s interface is used to control students’ activities. Our evaluation results indicate that MOGCLASS is effective in increasing students’ motivation in learning music and in supporting teachers’ classroom management


education, user-centered design, children, musical instruments, mobile devices, music


Proceedings of the 18th ACM international conference on Multimedia

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Yinsheng Zhou, Graham Percival, Xinxi Wang, Ye Wang, and Shengdong Zhao