ICMI'12 Grand Challenge:

Haptic Voice Recognition

2012.10 | ICMI 2012


This paper describes the Haptic Voice Recognition (HVR) Grand Challenge 2012 and its datasets. The HVR Grand Challenge 2012 is a research oriented competition designed to bring together researchers across multiple disciplines to work on novel multimodal text entry methods involving speech and touch inputs. Annotated datasets were collected and released for this grand challenge as well as future research purposes. A simple recipe for building an HVR system using the Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) was also provided. In this paper, detailed analyses of the datasets will be given. Experimental results obtained using these data will also be presented.


multimodal interface, mobile text input, haptic voice recognition


Proceedings of the 14th ACM international conference on Multimodal interaction

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Khe Chai Sim, Shengdong Zhao, Kai Yu, and Hank Liao