Holy Smartphones and Tablets, Batman!:

Mobile Interaction’s Dynamic Duo

2013.09 | APCHI 2013


It is becoming increasingly more common for people to own both a smartphone and a tablet, providing a design opportunity to leverage the combination of these two form factors. Our work aims to explore this by: a) defining the design space of distributed input and output solutions that rely on and benefit from phone–tablet collaboration, both physically and digitally; and b) reveal the idiosyncrasies of each particular device combination via interactive prototypes. Our research provides actionable insight in this emerging area by defining a design space, suggesting a developer’s framework and implementing prototypical applications in such areas as distributed information display, distributed control and various configurations of these. For each of these, we present several example techniques and demonstrate an application that combines such techniques.


human factors, tablet, PDA, screen, context-aware computing, device, content, smartphone, design, mobile


Proceedings of the 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Computer Human Interaction

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Tommaso Piazza, Morten Fjeld, Gonzalo Ramos, AsimEvren Yantac, and Shengdong Zhao