Intuitive Indoor Path Creation and Navigation Using Interactive Videos

2017.05 | CHI 2017


We present Follow-My-Lead, an alternative indoor navigation technique that uses visual information recorded on an actual navigation path as a navigational guide. Its design revealed a trade-off between the fidelity of information provided to users and their effort to acquire it. Our first experiment revealed that scrolling through a continuous image stream of the navigation path is highly informative, but it becomes tedious with constant use. Discrete image checkpoints require less effort, but can be confusing. A balance may be struck by adding fast video transitions between image checkpoints, but precise control is required to handle difficult situations. Authoring still image checkpoints is also difficult, and this inspired us to invent a new technique using video checkpoints. We conducted a second experiment on authoring and navigation performance and found video checkpoints plus fast video transitions to be better than both image checkpoints plus fast video transitions and traditional written instructions.



Indoor Navigation; Mobile Computing; Smartglasses; Video; Wearable Computing; Leader-Follower; Egocentric Visual Navigation.


Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

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Quentin Roy, Simon T. Perrault, Shengdong Zhao, Richard C. Davis, Anuroop Pattena Vaniyar, Velko Vechev, Youngki Lee, Archan Misra