Dynamic Duo:

Phone-tablet Interaction on Tabletops

2013.04 | CHI EA 2013


As an increasing number of users carry smartphones and tablets simultaneously, there is an opportunity to leverage the use of these two form factors in a more complementary way. Our work aims to explore this by a) defining the design space of distributed input and output solutions that rely on and benefit from phone- tablet combinations working together physically and digitally; and b) reveal the idiosyncrasies of each particular device combination via interactive prototypes. Our research provides actionable insight in this emerging area by defining a design space, suggesting a mobile framework, and implementing prototypical applications in such areas as distributed information display, distributed control, and combinations of these. For each of these, we show a few example techniques and demonstrate an application combining more techniques.


context-aware, input devices and strategies, tablet, mobile user interfaces, content, user interfaces, phone, combination


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Tommaso Piazza, Shengdong Zhao, Gonzalo Ramos, Asim Evren Yantaç, and Morten Fjeld