A Low-cost Rapid Prototyping Toolkit for Automated Movable Paper Craft

2013.04 | CHI 2013


AutoGami is a toolkit for designing automated movable paper craft using the technology of selective inductive power transmission. AutoGami has hardware and software components that allow users to design and implement automated movable paper craft without any prerequisite knowledge of electronics; it also supports rapid prototyping. Apart from developing the toolkit, we have analyzed the design space of movable paper craft and developed a taxonomy to facilitate the design of automated paper craft. AutoGami made consistently strong showings in design workshops, confirming its viability in supporting engagement and creativity as well as its usability in storytelling through paper craft. Additional highlights include rapid prototyping of product design as well as interaction design such as human-robot interactions.


Automated paper craft, paper computing, toolkit, selective inductive power transmission


Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

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Kening Zhu, Shengdong Zhao