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New Intern, Yue Kun

We welcome our new intern, Yue Kun, who hails from Tsinghua University! We are excited to have such a talented and bright individual joining our team. Let’s make sure to provide a warm and supportive environment as Yue Kun begins their journey with us. Together, we can create a fruitful learning experience and achieve great things!

Hi everyone, my name is Yue Kun! I am a junior undergraduate student at Tsinghua University, pursuing a major in Software Engineering. Prior to joining the team here in Singapore, I had the opportunity to engage in learning and research at the Tsinghua Pervasive HCI Lab. I have a keen interest in Human-Computer Interaction, with a particular focus on AR glasses and mobile computing. I am eager to deepen my knowledge in these two specializations and explore their potential combination. Wish to make friends with all of you guys!

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