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Introducing Kerry Liu, Our New Research Intern

I am pleased to introduce our new research intern, Kerry Liu, who will be joining us in the lab.

Hi everyone! My name is Kerry Liu and I am currently a student at the University of Waterloo studying Mechatronics and Software Engineering. I am currently on an international exchange at the National University of Singapore, where I am continuing my studies in these fields.

I have completed 5 co-op terms in the software field, which has allowed me to gain valuable experience in software development. My passion for frontend and full-stack development has grown through these co-op experiences, where I have had the opportunity to work on diverse projects and build innovative software solutions.

Throughout my past working experiences, I have been involved in building virtual credit card platforms which has provided me with a deep understanding of payment processing systems and bolstered my technical proficiency in the FinTech sector. Additionally, I have participated in building conversational AI design applications, which enabled me to work with cutting-edge technologies and advance my passions in natural language processing. Furthermore, I have expanded my interest and knowledge in the Data Science and Machine Learning field by completing Stanford ML courses and obtaining an IBM Data Science Certificate.

I am deeply passionate about frontend development and designing interfaces, which I see as closely related to HCI. The concept of heads-up computing in the NUS HCI lab also fascinates me. Being a part of this lab and having the chance to make a meaningful impact is truly exciting. Working under the guidance of Zhou Chen on the GPTMessaging project is a great honor, and I am eager to learn from everyone in the lab. I look forward to contributing to the innovative projects currently underway.

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