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Another paper accepted at IMWUT 23

We are excited to announce that our paper; “VidAdapter: Adapting Blackboard-Style Videos for Ubiquitous viewing” has been accepted to IMWUT (September 2023).


Ashwin Ram, Han Xiao, Shengdong Zhao, and Chi-Wing Fu


Video lectures are increasingly being used by learners in a ubiquitous manner. However, existing video designs are not optimised for ubiquitous use, creating the need to adapt the style of these videos to meet the constraints of the learning platform and context of use. Our formative study with experienced video editing users, however, found that performing these adaptations using traditional video editors can be a challenging and time-consuming task. We developed VidAdapter, a tool that facilitates lecture video adaptation by allowing direct manipulation of the video content. For this, VidAdapter automatically extracts meaningful elements from the video, enables spatial and temporal reorganisation of the elements, and streamlines the modification of an element’s visual appearance. We demonstrate the capabilities and specific use cases of VidAdapter within the domain of adapting existing blackboard lecture videos for on-the-go learning on Optical Head-Mounted Displays. Our evaluation of the tool with experienced video editing users revealed that VidAdapter was strongly preferred over traditional approaches and can improve the efficiency of the adaptation process by over 53% on average.

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