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Phosphor: Explaining Transitions in the User Interface Using Afterglow Effects

Patrick Baudisch, Disney Tan, Maxime Collomb, Dan Robbins, Ken Hinckley, Mannish Agrawala, Shengdong Zhao, Gonzalo Ramos ACM UIST 2006 169-178 (Full paper)

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Zone and Polygon Menus: Using Relative Position to Increase the Breadth of Multi-stroke Marking Menus

Shengdong Zhao, Maneesh Agrawala, Ken Hinckley ACM CHI 2006 1077-1086 (Full paper)

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Elastic Hierarchies: Combining Treemaps and Node-link Diagrams

Shengdong Zhao, Michael J. McGuffin, Mark H. Chignell IEEE InfoVis 2005 57-64 (Full paper)

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Simple vs. Compound Mark Hierarchical Marking

Shengdong Zhao, Ravin Balakrishnan ACM UIST 2004, 33-42 (Full paper)

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Hunter Gatherer: Interaction Support for the Creation and Management of Within-web-page Collections

Monica Schraefel, Yuxiang Zhu, David Modjeska, Daniel Widgor, Shengdong Zhao ACM WWW 2002 172-181 (Full paper)

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