Novel Input Technology Refinement

Researchers have developed many novel input technologies for various computing devices with different kinds of applications. However, only a few of them (e.g., mouse, touch) get popular and are merged into people’s daily life and work. This may due to several reasons:

  1. Lack of easy, intuitive and durable muscle group control (e.g., fine and coarse)
  2. The input technology’s output is not robust enough
  3. Lack of specific mechanism employed by current main stream input technologies (e.g., clutching to extend the range)
  4. High requirements on computing devices (e.g., back of device input needs sensors on the devices back)
  5. Lack of killing applications (e.g., Iphone games make mobile tilt input popular, but others still lack of killing applications)

This research will dig into the reasons behind it and try to refine current novel input technology. The potential outcomes of this research are :

  1. Refined novel input technology as a main input streams for some new applications
  2. Refined novel input technology as a additional input streams for some existing applications