3D User Interface

Stereoscopic 3D displaying technologies have been commercialized recently, signified by the introduction of 3D TVs of various parties. Autostereoscopic 3D displaying technologies (that does not require wearing of glasses) are also showing market potentials. With the technologies available at hand, this series of projects aims to explore possibilities to provide interactive experiences with these stereo 3D presentations.
Specifically, two (less considered) aspects are investigated:

1. With the additional bandwidth of two eyes seeing two slightly different images, how do we go about designing interactions and information presentations? Is this only limited to depth perception or can we go beyond this natural capability of our brain?
2. What role does user’s point of view play in an interactive stereo 3D application?

Additionally, in the future, intuitive interactions with bare hands would be investigated. All together, this series of projects would provide a comprehensive understanding of 3D user interfaces (3DUI) and novel applications would be developed to show the advantage in performance and intuitiveness of 3DUI in certain applications.