iCarbonX is Recruiting!

We Have a New Lab Member!
May 9, 2017
Two New Research Interns
June 7, 2017

iCarbonX is Recruiting!

Company Profile

Founded in October 2015, iCarbonX aims to build an ecosystem of digital life based on a combination of an individual’s biological, behavioral and psychological data, the Internet and artificial intelligence.

The management team has deep experience in omics technology, mobile health, medical service, biological data analysis, artificial intelligence and data mining, etc. Based on a growing digital life network, together with the world’s leading partners, we plan to interpret and study your digital life to provide personalized products and services for a healthier and better life.


Main business

Based on the world’s most professional and exponentially increasing holographic health data, we will provide individualized health analysis and prediction of health index through the most advanced data mining and machine analysis technologies. Together with the world’s leading partners, we plan to observe, study, guide and take care of one’s health from the beginning of one’s life. Multiple companies have established collaboration and/or cooperation with us, including research institutions, pharmaceutical factories, medical examination centers, hospitals, insurance companies and health management companies, etc.

iCarbonX develops advanced science and computational technologies to improve personalized healthcare. They are looking for talented experienced / graduates /excelling students of Computer Science.

  • Software Developer
  • AI Research Engineer
  • NLP Engineer


For a detailed job description, click on the link.

Website: https://www.icarbonx.com/


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