NUS-HCI Lab Sunday Showcase in ArtScience Museum, Singapore

Welcome our new lab member, Atima!
February 2, 2016
Research Seminar by Dr. Jason Alexander
April 20, 2016

NUS-HCI Lab Sunday Showcase in ArtScience Museum, Singapore

NUS-HCI Lab had a successful Sunday Showcase last 8 February 2015 in ArtScience Museum. The lab showcased their latest innovations in human-computer interaction.

NUS_HCI Lab was also joined by the Robotics Department and Chalmer’s University.

The different projects that the lab showcased were the following:

1. AutoGami – toolkit for designing automated movable paper craft

2. Beyond Stereo & ColorBless – using 3D stereoscopic display technology to deliver unconventional visual experiences to the viewer

3. TactArt – visual­‐tactile interaction for visual arts

4. Watch It device – interact with your music player using an interactive wristband

5. Bezel Copy – quick and clever way to do copy paste between applications on your Android smartphone

6. Angti – interact with the physical digital world using a smart ring

7. OmniVib – smartphone shaped prototype embedding 3×3 vibration motors that can create rich vibrotactile notifications

8. NotiRing – interactive rings that convey information in five different ways: with light, sound, vibration, heat and “poke”.

9. Draco – sketch-based interface from that allows artists and casual users alike to add a rich set of animation effects to their drawings, seemingly bringing illustrations to life

10. Quadcopter – allows us to interact in a new way using just our body movements to control a quadcopter drone

11. Robotic Arm – human to robot object handover

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